Publicly Traded Educational Service Providers

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List of Publicly Traded Educational Service Providers Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

The companies on this list primarily provide educational services to individual students. Most of these services come in the form of online curriculum and learning programs, premium schools, foreign language training, test preparation courses or after-school tutoring services. While there are educational services targeting the post-secondary and adult learning markets mixed in, most of the services these companies provide have a primary focus on students in grades K-12.


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Education Products and Services: Mid-Cap Stocks

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (JW.A) (Academic publishing)

New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc. (EDU) (China: private educational services)

Pearson, Plc. (PSO) (United Kingdom: learning materials technologies, assessments, products and services)

TAL Education Group (TAL) (China: after-school tutoring services for grades K-12)

Education Products and Services: Small-Cap Stocks

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (BNED) (Operates campus bookstores)

Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited (BEDU) (IPO May 18; China: operates K-12 schools)

Chegg, Inc (CHGG) (Textbook services)

China Online Education Group (COE) (IPO June 10, 2016: China, online and mobile English education platforms)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company (HMHC) (Pre-K–12 educational services and book publishing)

K12 Inc. (LRN) (Online curriculum and learning programs for grades K–12)

OneSmart International Education Group Limited (ONE) (IPO March 28, 2018; China: K-12 after-school education services)

RISE Education Cayman Ltd (REDU) (IPO October 20, 2017; English teaching and tutoring services)

RYB Education, Inc. (RYB) (IPO September 27, 2017; China: early childhood education service provider)

Scholastic Corporation (SCHL) (Children’s book publisher and educational services)

Education Products and Services: Micro-Cap Stocks

Cambium Learning Group, Inc. (ABCD) (Classroom support services, online teach materials, online simulations, literary services)

Four Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc. (FEDU) (IPO November 8, 2017; China: after-school math education services)

Hailiang Education Group, Inc. (HLG) (IPO in July 2015: China: K-12 educational services)

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