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Publicly Traded Book Publishers

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Book Publishers Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

It is common for the book publishing companies on this list to engage in a variety of business activities related to their publishing business. RR Donnelley (RRD) is a printing service company that provided a variety of printed works and printing services in addition to their publishing activities. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMHC) and Scholastic (SCHL) both provide Pre-K–12 educational services in conjunction to their children’s book publishing activities.

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Book Publishers Industry Comparison Widget

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Book Publishers: Mid-Cap Stocks

News Corporation (NWS) (Harper Collins Publishers – Other Assets Include Wall Street Journal, New York Post,  Australia Leading Publisher, United Kingdom – The Times and The Sun)

Pearson, Plc. (PSO) (United Kingdom: learning materials technologies, assessments, products and services)

Book Publishers: Small-Cap Stocks

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company (HMHC) (Pre-K–12 educational services and book publishing)

RR Donnelley & Sons Co (RRD) (Printing Services)

Scholastic Corporation (SCHL) (Children’s book publisher and educational services)

Book Publishers: Micro-Cap Stocks

Educational Development Corporation (EDUC) (Children’s books)

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