Micro-Cap Utility Stocks

U.S. Exchanges

List of Micro-Cap Utility Stocks Listed on U.S. Exchanges

This list includes utilities with a market capitalization under 300 million dollars. In the world of investing these are referred to as micro-cap stocks. We update this page at the start of every month so it is possible that during the course of a month a company’s market cap might go above 300 million between updates. Additional utilities can be found through the following links:

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Small-Cap Utility Stocks

In parentheses you will find a short description or areas of focus for the company. A comparison widget that shows trend, earnings per share (EPS), P/E ratio and beta for each of the companies on this list can be accessed through the link below.

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Diversified Utilities

Genie Energy Ltd. (GNE) (Services provided in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic Regions)

Electric Utilities

Atlantic Power Corporation (AT) (Electricity provided to utilities and large commercial companies)

U.S. Geothermal Inc. (HTM) (Geothermal power)

Foreign Utilities

Ellomay Capital Ltd. (ELLO) (Israel – Electric)

Fuel Cells

FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCEL) (Fuel cell power plants)

Natural Gas Utilities

Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. (DGAS) (Services provided in Kentucky)

Gas Natural Inc. (EGAS) (Services provided in Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania)

RGC Resources Inc. (RGCO) (Services provided in Virginia)

Water Utilities

Artesian Resources Corporation (ATRNA) (Services provided in Delaware)

Cadiz, Inc. (CDZI) (Owns property with water resources)

Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (CWCO) (Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants and accompanying water distribution systems)

Global Water Resources, Inc. (GWRS) (Water resource management company; water, wastewater and recycled water utilities)

Pure Cycle Corporation (PCYO) (Designs, constructs, operates and maintains water and wastewater systems)

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