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Publicly Traded Movie Theaters

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Movie Theaters Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

There are a few choices for investors looking to invest in the world of cinema. You have a few mid-cap companies to choose from such as AMC Entertainment (AMC), Cinemark (CNK) and Regal Entertainment (RGC). These companies range from owning 300 to 550 theatres across the United States or, in the case of Cinemark, throughout Latin America as well.

Also included on this list are companies that provide theatre equipment and technologies.


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Movie Theaters: Mid-Cap Stocks

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC)

Cinemark Holdings Inc. (CNK)

Imax Corporation (IMAX) (Canada: motion picture technologies)

Movie Theaters: Small-Cap Stocks

Marcus Corporation (The) (MCS) (Owns Marcus Hotels and Resorts and Marcus Theatres)

Reading International Inc. (RDI) (Cinemas and related real estate assets)

Movie Theaters: Micro-Cap Stocks

Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (BTN) (Digital cinema projection equipment and services)

iPic Entertainment Inc. (IPIC) (IPO February 1, 2018; dine-in theaters)

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