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Publicly Traded Identification and Verification Companies

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Identification and Verification Companies Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

The companies in this category provide software, technologies and physical products to commercial businesses, other organizations or consumers in the areas of identification and verification. Examples of products and services provided by companies on this list include:

  • Product identification products
  • Facility identification products
  • Individual identification and authentication products
  • Physical access control products
  • Radio frequency identification products
  • Smart card readers
  • Supply chain security products


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Identification and Verification Companies: Small-Cap Stocks

Brady Corporation (BRC) (Identification products, workplace safety and compliance products; facility, product and people identification products)

Identification and Verification Companies: Micro-Cap Stocks

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN) (Security solutions using biotechnology as a forensic foundation; applications in supply chain security, brand protection or law enforcement applications)

Aware, Inc. (AWRE) (Biometrics software products and services)

I.D. Systems, Inc. (IDSY) (Technologies used to control, track and monitor fleets of vehicles, cargo and people)

Identiv, Inc. (INVE) (Security technology company: physical access control products, smart card reader products, NFC and radio frequency identification products, single universal identity credential products)

Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) (Real-time identity authentication and validation solutions: products allow for businesses and organizations to authenticate an individual’s identification)

Intersections, Inc. (INTX) (Identity theft production products)

Mitek Systems, Inc. (MITK) (Technology that allows financial transactions to occur (deposit checks, pay bills, transfer credit card balances, etc.) through taking pictures with smartphones/tablets instead of the keyboard)

NXT-ID Inc. (NXTD) (Biometric and security technology)

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