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List of Publicly Traded Helicopter Service Companies Listed on U.S. Exchanges

The publicly traded companies in the helicopter services industries primarily offer services in one of three areas. First, most of the listed companies provide transportation services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Offshore oil and gas companies need to transport their personnel to and from offshore installations and these companies provide that service. Second, some companies also engage in search and rescue operations. Finally, many of the companies offer air medical services.

Some of these companies have a primary focus on one of these categories while others offer services in all three. It is also very common for these companies to operate flight schools or offer similar training services.


Additional publicly traded transportation companies and categories can be accessed through the link below:

List of Transportation Companies

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Helicopter Services: Small-Cap Stocks

Bristow Group Inc. (BRS) (Offshore Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue, Flight School)

Helicopter Services: Micro-Cap Stocks

Era Group, Inc. (ERA) (Offshore Oil and Gas)

PHI, Inc. (PHII) (Offshore Oil and Gas, Air Medical)

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