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Publicly Traded Cable and Satellite Providers

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Cable and Satellite Providers Listed on U.S. Exchanges

While they might own a few other media assets, most of the cable companies’ business models are very straightforward. They provide cable, phone, and high-speed Internet services to millions and millions of customers. Some of these companies have local areas in which they focus, like Cablevision Systems’ focus on New York, but most of the cable companies offer their products nationally and have operations in over half of the states.

You also have well-known satellite TV providers on this list including DISH (AT&T acquired DIRECTV in 2015). While they do not offer all of the telecommunication services that the cable operators offer, they still boast very impressive total customer numbers.


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Cable and Satellite: Large-Cap Stocks

Altice USA, Inc. (ATUS) (IPO June 22, 2017; cable and broadband provider)

Comcast Corporation (CMCSA) (Cable – XFINITY; NBC Universal – NBC, Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Universal Parks, Television Production and Television Stations)

Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR) (Cable Operator – Recently Merged with Time Warner Cable)

DISH Network Corporation (DISH) (Satellite TV)

Liberty Broadband Corporation (LBRDA) (Interest in Charter Communications)

Liberty Global Plc. (LBTYA) (Cable Operator: United Kingdom)

Cable and Satellite: Mid-Cap Stocks

Cable One, Inc. (CABO) (Cable service provider)

Cable and Satellite: Small-Cap Stocks

WideOpenWest, Inc. (WOW) (IPO May 25, 2017; cable and broadband provider)

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