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List of Publicly Traded Bread and Bakery Companies Listed on U.S. Exchanges

The bread and bakery category includes companies that produce, market and/or distribute bread based products. These products come in a number of forms including breads, buns, corn and flour tortillas, flat breads, pastries, pita bread, pizza bases, rolls, snack cakes and wheat flour. Companies in this category normally have numerous production facilities and marketing departments as well.


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Bread and Bakery: Mid-Cap Stocks

Flowers Foods, Inc. (FLO) (Brands in include Nature’s Own, Tastykake, Whitewheat and Wonder Bread; pastries and snack cakes)

Bread and Bakery: Micro-Cap Stocks

Bridgford Foods Corporation (BRID) (Frozen bread dough, biscuits, cinnamon roll doughs, Beef Jerky, and Snack and Deli Foods)

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