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The publicly traded auto website companies differ in many aspects from one another. The TrueCar website connects customers to a network of certified dealers and is designed to provide a better customer experience and give dealers an additional way of reaching potential customers. While that aspect holds true on some of the Chinese website companies (without the intricate certified dealer program) many of the Chinese sites are informative by their nature and receive most of their revenue through an online advertising model. There is also U.S. Auto Parts Network which runs a series of websites that sell auto parts.


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Auto Websites

Autohome Inc. (ATHM) (China: auto focused websites)

CarGurus, Inc. (CARG) (IPO October 12, 2017; online automotive marketplace)

Carvana Co. (CVNA) (IPO April 28, 2017; eCommerce platform for buying used vehicles)

China Auto Logistics Inc. (CALI) (China: wholesaler of luxury vehicles; auto websites; logistical and financial services to automobile dealers)

RumbleOn, Inc. (RMBL) (IPO October 19, 2017; pre-owned motorcycle e-commerce platform)

TrueCar, Inc. (TRUE) (Allows customers to communicate with over 7000 TrueCar Certified Dealers)

U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. (PRTS) (Ecommerce: auto parts)

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