Publicly Traded Audio Companies

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Audio and Sound Companies Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

The companies in this category provide audio products and technologies to consumer and/or commercial markets. Examples of these products include:

  • Headsets
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Accessories


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Audio: Mid-Cap Stocks

Dolby Laboratories (DLB) (Audio technologies with applications in cinema, home entertainment, gaming and mobile devices)

Audio: Small-Cap Stocks

Knowles Corporation (KN) (Acoustic products: microphones, speakers, receivers and integrated modules; electronic components)

Plantronics, Inc. (PLT) (Audio communications: headsets, telephone headset systems)

Audio: Micro-Cap Stocks

Avid Technology, Inc. (AVID) (Digital audio and video technology)

Koss Corporation (KOSS) (High fidelity stereophones and audio accessories)

Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR) (Audio peripherals for mobile devices, personal computers and video game consoles)

VOXX International Corporation (VOXX) (Consumer electronic products: reporting segments include Automotive, Premium Audio and Consumer Accessories)

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