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List of Global Oil & Gas ETFs Listed on U.S. Exchanges

The companies in this ETF category are involved in the Oil & Gas industry. While there is a small percentage of these ETFs comprised of companies in the equipment and services segment of the industry, most of the weight in these ETFs is made up of exploration and exploration companies. There is even an IShares ETF (FILL) exclusively devoted to this energy segment. When companies from the United States are included in the ETF, they usually make up 50% or more of the ETF. The only ETF that excludes U.S. companies is the SPDR ETF (IPW).

Also included on this list are energy ETFs that we have in other categories. These ETFs focus on the energy sector in emerging markets or individual countries.

Global Oil & Gas ETFs

IQ Global Oil Small Cap (IOIL) (Small-sized companies; Weighted towards the United States)

iShares MSCI Global Energy Producers ETF (FILL) (Oil & Gas exploration and production companies; Weighted towards the United States)

iShares Global Energy ETF (IXC) (Weighted towards the United States)

SPDR S&P International Energy Sector ETF (IPW) (United States excluded; Weighted towards Canada and the United Kingdom)

Other Global Energy ETFs

Global X China Energy Fund (CHIE)

Guggenheim Canadian Energy Income ETF (ENY)