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List of ETFs Focusing on South Korea Listed on U.S. Exchanges

Investors looking to invest in South Korean companies through ETFs have a few more choices available to them compared to many countries. Here are a few notes on these ETFs:

  • Most of the ETFs are comprised of a wide range of large and mid-cap stocks with a few small-cap companies represented sporadically. As a general rule these ETFs are weighted towards the large-cap companies.
  • Examples of large-cap companies included in these ETFs are Samsung Electronics, Hyndai Motors, Naver Corp., Shinhan Financial Group and SK Hynix. Samsung in particular represents a notable percentage of many of these ETFs. Remember to always check with the ETF provider to verify the exact composition of any ETF.
  • The number of companies included in these ETFs ranges from approximately 40 to 200.

ETFs Focusing on South Korea

AdvisorShares KIM Korea Equity ETF (KOR)

First Trust South Korea AlphaDEX Fund (FKO)

iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF (EWY)

Hedged ETFs

Deutsche X-trackers MSCI South Korea Hedged Equity ETF (DBKO)

iShares Currency Hedged MSCI South Korea ETF (HEWY)

WisdomTree Korea Hedged Equity ETF (DXKW)

Leveraged ETFs

Direxion Daily South Korea Bull 3X Shares (KORU)

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