List of ETFs Focusing on China Listed on U.S. Exchanges

China has a larger selection of ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges than any other country…and by a wide margin. Here are a few notes regarding these Chinese ETFs:

  • There are quite a few ETFs focusing on China A-shares which are companies that trade on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. When the ETF has A-shares, it is often included in the name of the ETF as it is quite a selling point since foreign investors cannot directly purchase these shares.
  • It is very common for many of the broad-based ETFs to be weighted towards the financial sector. This is particularly true for large-cap focused ETFs as many of the largest Chinese companies are within this sector.
  • We are starting to see a broad representation of sector ETFs focusing on China. In recent years, industry focused ETFs such as the KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (KCNY), which is comprised of Chinese internet companies, have started to be created. This is a trend that will likely continue in the future.
  • The small-cap ETFs include between 100 and 500 small-sized companies depending on the ETF.
  • With regards to short and leveraged ETFs, all of the major daily target levels are represented: -1x, -2x, -3x, 2x and 3x.
  • If the largest selection of individual country ETFs wasn’t enough, there are also several ETFs weighted towards China that you can find at the bottom of this list. Most of these ETFs are emerging market or regional Asian ETFs.

ETFs Focusing on China

CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF (AFTY) (Large-sized A share companies)

CSOP China CSI 300 A-H Dynamic ETF (HAHA)

Deutsche X-trackers Harvest MSCI All China Equity ETF (CN) (Large and mid-sized Chinese companies)

Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF (ASHR) (The largest and most liquid Chinese companies in the Chinese A-share market)

First Trust China AlphaDEX ETF (FCA) (Chinese companies that meet specific fundamental criteria)

First Trust ISE Chindia Index Fund (FNI) (Companies from China and India that are listed on U.S. exchanges)

Guggenhiem China All-Cap Fund (YAO) (Companies based in mainland China)

iShares FTSE China Large-Cap ETF (FXI) (Focused on large-cap Chinese companies)

iShares MSCI China A ETF (CNYA)

iShares MSCI China ETF (MCHI) (Large and mid-sized Chinese companies)

KraneShares Bosera MSCI China A ETF (KBA) (Large and mid-sized Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges)

KraneShares CSI New China ETF (KWEB) (Chinese companies that are part of China’s current Five Year Plan; Financial sector companies are excluded)

Market Vectors China A-Shares ETF (PEK) (Based upon the CSI 300 Index, a benchmark Chinese index)

PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio (PGJ) (Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges)


SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) (Chinese companies whose shares are available to foreign investors)

Dividend ETFs

WisdomTree China Dividend ex-Financials ETF (CSXE) (Dividend paying Chinese stocks; Financial sector is excluded)

Hedged ETFs

CSOP MSCI China A International Hedged ETF (CNHX)

Deutsche X-trackers CSI 300 China A-Shares Hedged Equity ETF (ASHX)

Sector and Industry ETFs

Direxion Daily CSI China Internet Index Bull 2X Shares (CWEB)

Global X China Consumer ETF (CHIQ) (Weighted towards food, beverage & tobacco, retailing and automobile industries)

Global X China Energy Fund (CHIE) (Weighted towards oil & gas)

Global X China Financials ETF (CHIX) (Weighted towards banks)

Global X China Industrials ETF (CHII) (Weighted towards building & construction, machinery & equipment and transportation)

Global X China Materials ETF (CHIM) (Weighted towards metals & mining and chemicals)

Global X China Technology ETF (QQQC)

Guggenheim China Real Estate ETF (TAO) (Real estate development and management companies; REITs)

Guggenheim China Technology ETF (CQQQ)

KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (KWEB) (Chinese internet companies)

Small-Cap ETFs

Deutsche X-Trackers Harvest CSI 500 China-A Shares Small Cap ETF (ASHS)

Guggenheim China Small Cap ETF (HAO)

iShares MSCI China Small-Cap ETF (ECNS)

Market Vectors China AMC SME-ChiNext ETF (CNXT)

Leveraged ETFs

Direxion Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bull 2X Shares (CHAU)

Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3X Shares (YINN) (Daily target: 3x)

ProShares Ultra FTSE China 50 (XPP) (Daily target: 2x)

Short ETFs

Direxion Daily CSI 300 China A Shares Bear 1X Shares (CHAD)

Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares (YANG) (Daily target: -3x)

ProShares Short FTSE China 50 (YXI) (Daily target: -1x)

ProShares UltraShort FTSE China 25 (FXP) (Daily target: -2x)