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List of Emerging Market Small-Cap ETFs Listed on U.S. Exchanges

Some investors invest in small-cap companies because of the growth potential these types of companies offer. Likewise, a number of investors invest in emerging market ETFs for similar reasons. The ETFs on this list combine these two growth areas into one ETF by including companies from countries such as China, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt and the Philippines in their ETFs. Most of these ETFs are comprised of a large number of small-cap companies ranging from 600 to 800 stocks from emerging market countries.

Emerging Market Small-Cap ETFs

First Trust Emerging Markets Small Cap AlphaDEX ETF (FEMS) (Weighted towards China)

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF (EEMS)

SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF (EWX) (Weighted towards Taiwan and China)

WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend ETF (DGS) (Weighted towards Taiwan)