List of Emerging Market Sector ETFs Listed on U.S. Exchanges

Sector ETFs are a very popular style of ETFs among many ETF investors and there are hundreds of ETFs available on U.S. stock exchanges that focus of U.S. sectors, global sectors and sectors within individual foreign countries. In recent years, additional sector ETFs have also been created focusing on emerging market economies. These ETFs give investors more options if they want to invest in a specific subset of the emerging market investing universe.

Emerging Market Sector ETFs

EGShares Emerging Markets Consumer ETF (ECON) (Consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors)

Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ) (Weighted towards China)

iShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure ETF (EMIF) (Transportation infrastructure and electric utilities)

PowerShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Portfolio (PXR)