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List of Publicly Traded Tennis Companies Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

Popular Tennis Racket Brands Include:

  • Wilson: Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a subsidiary of Amer Sports
  • Babolat: A private French company that manufactures tennis, badminton and squash equipment
  • Head: HEAD NV is an Austrian sports equipment and apparel company.
  • Prince: Prince Global Sports is a private company that manufactures tennis, squash and badminton equipment.
  • Dunlop: Based in the United Kingdom and rights to the brand vary depending on the country. The rights for the United States are owned by Sports Direct and SRI Sports, neither of which are traded on U.S. exchanges.


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In addition there are a number of companies that manufacture and sell a number of tennis related items, accessories and apparel which can be located through the links below:

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Tennis Stocks

Amer Sports Corporation (AGPDY) (Finland (OTC Stock): owns Wilson Sporting Goods Company which makes the popular Wilson Tennis Rackets)

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