Publicly Traded Small-Cap Oil & Gas Midstream Companies

U.S. Exchanges

List of Publicly Traded Small-Cap Oil & Gas Midstream Companies Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

These companies are categorized by market capitalization based on the following parameters:

  • Small-Cap Stocks: Under two billion dollars and over 300 million dollars.
  • Micro-Cap Stocks: Under 300 million dollars.

We update this list at the beginning of each month so it is possible that during the course of the month the stock will move above or below these levels.


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Oil and Gas Midstream: Small-Cap Stocks

American Midstream Partners, L.P. (AMID) (Gathering, treating, processing and transporting natural gas, fractionating NGLs and storing specialty chemical products)

BP Midstream Partners LP (BPMP) (IPO October 26, 2017; oil and gas MLP: pipelines)

CNX Midstream Partners LP (CNXM) (Natural gas gathering and other midstream energy assets)

Crestwood Equity Partners L.P. (CEQP) (Natural gas storage; NGL and crude oil services)

Delek Logistics Partners, L.P. (DKL) (Midstream MLP)

Enbridge Energy Management LLC (EEQ) (Manages and controls Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.)

EnLink Midstream, LLC (ENLC) (General partner of EnLink Midstream Partners, L.P.)

Hess Midstream Partners LP (HESM) (IPO April 5, 2017; North Dakota: midstream assets)

Martin Midstream Partners L.P. (MMLP) (Terminals and storage assets)

Nustar GP Holdings, LLC (NSH) (Owns general partner and limited partner interests in NuStar Energy L.P.)

Oasis Midstream Partners LP (OMP) (IPO September 21, 2017; midstream MLP)

PBF Logistics L.P. (PBFX) (Midstream MLP)

Summit Midstream Partners, L.P. (SMLP) (Pipelines)

Transmontaigne Partners L.P. (TLP) (Midstream MLP)

Transportadora de Gas Del Sur S.A. (TGS) (Argentina: Pipelines, NGL processing)

Oil and Gas Midstream: Micro-Cap Stocks

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. (AE) (Midstream and Oil & Gas Production)

Blueknight Energy Partners L.P., L.L.C. (BKEP) (MLP: Crude Oil, Liquid Asphalt Cement and Residential Fuel Oil)

Sanchez Midstream Partners LP (SNMP) (Texas: midstream assets)

Southcross Energy Partners, L.P. (SXE) (Midstream natural gas and NGL assets)

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