Publicly Traded Coal Mining Companies

U.S. Exchanges

Publicly Traded Coal Mining Companies Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

Most of the publicly traded coal mining companies listed on U.S. major exchanges are based in the United States. These companies are engaged in a variety of coal mining and marketing activities but there are some companies that focus on specific types of coals. The two most common are thermal and metallurgical coal.

Thermal coal’s primary use is to produce electricity and is used by power plants or industrial customers in need of electrical power (for example chemical industries). Thermal coal is also known as steaming coal. Metallurgical coal is also known as coking coal as it is used in the creation of coke. Coke is a fuel with relatively few impurities and is used in the iron and steel-making process.


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Coal Mining Companies: Mid-Cap Stocks

CONSOL Energy Inc. (CNX)

Coal Mining Companies: Small-Cap Stocks

Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. (AHGP) (Focus on thermal coal)

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. (ARLP) (Focus on thermal coal)

Arch Coal, Inc. (ARCH) (Metallurgical and thermal coal)

Cloud Peak Energy Inc. (CLD)

CNX Coal Resources LP (CNXC)

Foresight Energy L.P. (FELP) (Focus on thermal coal)

NACCO Industries, Inc. (NC) (Diversified: coal mining activities; housewares)

Natural Resource Partners L.P. (NRP) (Royalty focused company)

SunCoke Energy, Inc. (SXC) (Metallurgical coal and coke)

SunCoke Energy Partners, L.P. (SXCP) (Metallurgical coal and coke)

Warrior Met Coal, Inc. (HCC) (IPO April 13, 2017; metallurgical coal producer)

Coal Mining Companies: Micro-Cap Stocks

Hallador Energy Company (HNRG)

Ramaco Resources, Inc. (METC) (IPO February 3, 2017; metallurgical coal)

Westmoreland Coal Company (WLB) (Focus on thermal coal)

Westmoreland Resource Partners, LP (WMLP)

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