Publicly Traded Banks in Oregon

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List of Publicly Traded Banks in Oregon Listed on Major U.S. Exchanges

The banks on this list are publicly traded banks or savings institutions with branches in the state of Oregon. Here are a few notes regarding this group of companies:

  • The banks in the first section (banks in Oregon) are primarily small-cap companies that only have branches in the state of Oregon or banks that have branches in Oregon and a neighboring state (Washington, Idaho).
  • The banks in the second section are regional or multi-regional banks with branches in Oregon.

If you are looking for a publicly traded bank with branches in Oregon that is not listed here, you might find it on our National Banks page.


Additional publicly traded banks can be found in our main banks section which can be accessed through the link below:

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Banks in Oregon

Banner Corporation (BANR) (Holding company for Banner Bank; branches in Idaho, Washington and Oregon)

Columbia Banking System, Inc. (COLB) (Holding company for Columbia State Bank; branches throughout Washington, Idaho and Oregon)

Heritage Financial Corporation (HFWA) (Holding company for Heritage Bank; branches in Washington and Oregon)

Riverview Bancorp Inc. (RVSB) (Holding company for Riverview Community Bank; branches in Washington and Oregon)

Regional and Multi-Regional Banks Headquartered in Oregon

Umpqua Holdings Corporation (UMPQ) (Holding company for Umpqua Bank; branches in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington)

Regional and Multi-Regional Banks with Branches in Oregon

First Citizens BancShares, Inc. (FCNCA) (Holding company for First Citizens Bank & Trust Company; branches in approximately 18 states and Washington, DC.; headquarters in North Carolina)

First Republic Bank (FRC) (Subsidiaries provide private wealth management, private banking and private business banking services; headquarters in California)

HomeStreet, Inc. (HMST) (Holding company for HomeStreet Bank and HomeStreet Capital Corporation; branches, loan centers and lending centers in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii)

Washington Federal, Inc. (WAFD) (Holding company for Washington Federal, National Association; branches in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington)

Zions Bancorporation (ZION) (Holding company for Zion’s Bank; branches throughout the western region of the United States)

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