List of Global Agriculture ETFs on U.S. Exchanges

With tickers symbols such as CROP, MOO, SOIL and VEGI, these ETFs do not try to hide that they are focused on the agricultural sector. Examples of industries within this sector include agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agricultural supplies, biofuels and crop production and farming. All of these ETFs include agricultural companies from around the world and also include companies from the United States. In fact, many of the ETFs are weighted towards U.S. stocks, sometimes up to approximately 50% of the ETF. The range of stocks within these ETFs ranges from around 30 to 130 companies with many of the ETFs weighted towards the top five to ten stocks within the ETF.

Global Agriculture ETFs

First Trust Indxx Global Agriculture ETF (FTAG)

Global X Fertilizers/Potash ETF (SOIL)

IQ Global Agribusiness Small Cap ETF (CROP) (Small-sized companies; Weighted towards crop production and farming)

iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers ETF (VEGI) (Weighted towards companies from the United States)

Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF (MOO) (Weighted towards companies from the United States)

PowerShares Global Agriculture Portfolio (PAGG) (Weighted towards companies from the United States)