List of ETFs Focusing on Norway Listed on U.S. Exchanges

The current Norwegian ETFs have the following characteristics:

  • Comprised of approximately 55 companies.
  • Have historically been weighted towards the energy sector.
  • The top three holdings have in in the past represented a significant percentage of the ETF (approximately 50%). These companies are Statoil (oil & gas), Telenor (telecommunications) and DNB ASA (financial).

The Global X ETF (GXF) listed here is an ETF focusing on the Nordic region and is comprised of some of the largest companies in Demark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

ETFs Focusing on Norway

Global X MSCI Norway ETF (NORW)

iShares MSCI Norway Capped ETF (ENOR)

Nordic ETFs

Global X FTSE Nordic Region ETF (GXF)

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