Name of ETF: First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX Fund

Benchmark Index: StrataQuant Health Care Index

Ticker Symbol: FXH

Approximate Number of Holdings: 75

Types of Companies Included: The top companies from the U.S. health care sector that meet specific fundamental criteria.

Fundamentals Used:

  • Growth Criteria: Sales-to-price ratio, sales growth over the previous 12 months and general price appreciation the company has experienced over three, six and 12 month periods.
  • Value Criteria: Book value-to-price, cash flow-to-price and return on assets (ROA).

Industries Represented: The industry with the most representation (largest weight) is health care providers and services.  Companies from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care equipment and supplies industries also have notable representation.

Individual Company Weight: This ETF is diversified with no one company representing a significant percentage of the ETF.

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