Empresas Ica Soc Contrladora

Ticker Symbol: ICA

Company Name: Empresas Ica Soc Contrladora

Empresas ICA in an infrastructure developer of projects in Mexico and Latin America. Examples of their projects include:

  • Civil Construction – Airports, bridges, dams, drainage systems, highways, hospitals, rail systems, stadiums, subway systems and tunnels.
  • Industrial Construction – LNG plants, mining facilities, oil and gas processing plants, power plants and steel mills. These projects are done through a joint venture with Fluor Corporation.

Other investments include:

  • Highways – The company develops and operates concessions and public-private partnerships for highways and other projects including ports. The company is one of the largest highway operators in Mexico.
  • Airports – The company operates over a dozen airports through their subsidiary.

Ticker Symbol: ICA (New York Stock Exchange – American Depository Shares)

Ticker Symbol: ICA (Mexican Stock Exchange)

Company Website: www.ica.com.mx

Social Media: Empresas Ica Soc Contrladora Twitter

Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico