Company Name: The Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company is a large-sized chemical company with a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals, materials and plastics. Their products are used in a wide range of industries including agriculture, paints and coatings, electronics, energy and packaging. Here is a small sampling of their product offerings:

  • Agriculture – Crop protection, pest controls and plant biotechnology products
  • Transportation – Adhesives and foams structural, elastic and rubber-to-substrate adhesives; composite materials technologies; polyurethane foams and acoustical management systems; and films and fluids.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Cellulosics
  • Electronics – Enabling materials for computers, smartphones, televisions and tablets. Products for semiconductors as well
  • Construction – Wide range of products for residential and commercial buildings
  • Paints and Coatings – products for paper, leather, concrete, wood, automotive, maintenance and protective industries
  • Energy – Products for Oil, Gas, Mining and Water industries
  • Plastics

Ticker Symbol: DOW (New York Stock Exchange)

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Headquarters: Midland, MI