Name of ETF: Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3x Shares

Benchmark Index: MSCI US REIT Index

Ticker Symbol: DRV

Types of Companies Included in the Index: U.S. real estate investment trusts (REITs) that are deemed to have reasonable size based on market capitalization.

Short ETF:  This ETF attempts to produce investment results in the opposite direction of the index. If the MSCI US REIT Index goes up, the ETF is designed to go down. If the MSCI US REIT Index goes down, the ETF is designed to go up.

Daily Target: -3x

Leveraged ETF: This ETF is a leveraged ETF which means the ETF attempts to produce daily returns above the daily benchmark index results based on a multiplier. In the case of this ETF, the multiplier is -3x meaning the ETF is attempting to achieve 300% of the opposite performance of the benchmark index.

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